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Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

I fell in love with the characters even more than I already was.

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I, Rie,  began this blog in December 2010. I married a jock who lived 5 hours away from my hometown, so I moved to Dallas where most of my friends are his friends as well so they aren't bibliophiles. My mother instilled the love of reading into me from a very early age and I wanted to share this love with others.

I started the blog in an attempt to share my love of reading and to keep a record of what I've read and if I liked it or not. Since starting the blog I've found people that have exceeded my expectations in kindness and professionalism.

Most, if not all, the books that are reviewed here will be paranormal romance. This is not limited to YA or adult books. I will put which genre each book is usually categorized with as I don't want any confusion for my younger readers.

In all, the book blogging experience has been one of my favorites so far and I aim to continue this for the forseeable future.

In August, 2011 Linda joined and will contribute a couple of posts per month.


  1. Dear Mission to Read:

    I'm an author with a new collection of YA short stories, Ugly To Start With (West Virginia University Press).

    Will you please consider reviewing it?

    I've been writing and publishing for twenty years--more than one hundred stories and two novels--and Ugly To Start With is my best work.

    My first novel, The Night I Freed John Brown (Penguin), won The Paterson Prize for Fiction and was recommended by USA Today.

    My short stories have appeared in more than seventy-five literary journals, including North American Review, The Kenyon Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and The Chattahoochee Review. Twice I have been nominated for The Pushcart Prize. "The Scratchboard Project" received an honorable mention in The Best American Short Stories 2007.

    If you write me back at, I’ll send you a PDF of my collection for your consideration.

    At this point, my small publisher is out of available review copies, so I hope and politely ask that you consider the PDF.

    I would be very grateful.

    Thank you so much.

    John Michael Cummings

  2. Hi Rie,
    I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
    I signed to follow your blog. I'd be glad if you could honor mine, too.
    I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country. I am a teacher of English and German in my own town and country.
    Best regards!
    PS I sent an email.Please, check the spam/quarantine folder, too, as many friends tell me my messages go there.

  3. my name is peter pan

  4. Hey
    I hope you're having an awesome day!
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    On August 5th I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of pre-selling enough copies to allow me to fund the novel publication.
    It’d mean the world to me if you could help spread the word to your amazing community of readers.
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    The site also has a sneak preview of the first 3 chapters so your readers can try before they buy J.
    Is there any chance you would be interested in helping? If yes, please let me know how I can make the writing process easy for your team. I'm happy to send press releases, articles and anything that could help. We launch Tuesday at 8am PST.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this,


  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Awards Nomination. Here are all the details
    Hope we could be book blog buddies.

    From, Gabi