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Friday, May 18

Fall TV predictions

Vampire Diaries Logo Deutsch: Vampire Diaries Logo
Vampire Diaries Logo Deutsch: Vampire Diaries Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So this EPIC tv season is coming to an end with some of the best finales (Vampire Diaries and one of the worst (Grey’s) I’ve seen in some time. So what new shows will be coming this fall and from the description how long do I think it’ll last?

I’m using tvline’s Fall Preview for a reference point of what is coming!


666 Park Avenue – This sounds like an interesting premise, but if it is meant to be scary it won’t work. Commercials ruin the tension for horror and will tank this series quickly. It’s gonna be full of drama with the characters that are cast, but Vanessa Williams simply annoys me. I say it may be renewed at the most for a second season if not only for after Christmas break.

Family Tools- I’m gonna love this show, but it’ll be cancelled quickly.

How to Live With Your Parents For The Rest of Your Life- Horrible title, but this could be the fall comedy. Love the casting!

Last Resort- Dystopian-ish? Doesn’t translate well into screen and I just don’t see this surviving.

Malibu Country- Reba, yay! A cross between Miley and Reba, ugh!

Mistresses- I will watch anything with Milano so it had better have awesome ratings.

Nashville- With GBC tanking you’d think they’d get the message. Cancelled.

The Neighbors- Ugh!!!! Cancelled.

Red Widow- If this was on cable (HBO, Showtime, Starz) HUGE hit. On ABC it’ll be difficult.

Zero Hour- Da Vinci Code-ish? I’m intrigued.


1600 Penn- This will be cancelled before Christmas. The premise doesn’t work. The network has terrible writers that can’t produce and this will end in the endless cancellation pile that NBC is accumulating.

Animal Practice- This might have a longer shelf life than 1600 Penn, but I doubt it.

Chicago Fire- Could this be the biggest hit of the fall season for NBC? If it has enough drama that’s a positive.

Do No Harm- This is the only show I’m looking forward to from NBC. The premise is amazing! I hope it can live up to it!

Go On- Cancelled quickly. But it’s sad because I’d love to see more Chandler.

Guys With Kids- This will go in the way of Traffic Light. As in cancelled after a season, but I’ll be firmly attached to it.

Hannibal- ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??? Cancelled. Can we not ruin one of the best films ever. Although, the subsequent films after the first helped with that already.

Infamous- Cancelled.

The New Normal- I hope to love it. I doubt it’s success though.

Next Caller- Cancelled

Revolution- Cancelled. Or the blurb is poorly written.

Save Me- How could this show possibly go further than 3 episodes?


Elementary- Dead before Christmas. The geeks that love this type of show aren’t gonna stray from beloved shows and the mainstream will simply not care.

Friend Me- This won’t make it out of it’s mid-season airing.

Golden Boy- See above.

Made in Jersey- Why does this type of show keep trying to show up? Who makes the decision after watchers have said no to bring out this type of show again? It might make 2 seasons with horrible ratings.

Partners- New, Grace and Will? If it can be pulled off it’ll be amazing!

Vegas- If this was on ABC, I’d say hit. Here I’m not sure.


Arrow- Yes, comic books and fairy tales are doing well in this market but a male driven show MUST be backed with a great female co-lead and as this has Katie Cassidy (who I know nothing about) it could go either way. Male leads are a hard sale in a female driven tv market.

Beauty and the Beast- If they got the casting correct on this show, Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk, this will be a hit. It may even have ratings like Vampire Diaries, but if it lacks chemistry it’s a goner.

Carrie Diaries- I understand that this marketed to those younger than myself and as such they may have not seen Sex in the City, but this could be HORRIBLE. Carrie was a mess as a teen, but I love the casting already.

Cult- I don’t expect to see more than a few episodes of this. Actually, I plan to not watch it at all. It’ll tank and fast.

Emily Owens, M.D. – “It gets better” that is the theme in mind for most of CW watchers this is not a show that carries that message and I highly doubt it’s success. Plus the girl from Off the Map voice drives me NUTS!

Ben & Kate- The smart humor that Fox does is a hit, but this kind of sitcom is easily tanked for 3 episodes are aired.

The Following- OMG! This could be amazing. I mean Kevin Bacon! But I just hope it doesn’t disappoint like many Fox drama’s have been lately.

The Goodwin Games- If this show isn’t TOO shallow it’ll be an amazing comedy!

The Mindy Project- The best thing (Mindy) about The Office without all the horrible-ness? Yes, please!

The Mob Doctor- I love the mob. I love medical dramas. This could be amazing!

What show are you most excited for? Does it seem like there are TON of shows coming out this fall?
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  1. Wow, I didn't know about any of these except Elementary (because it's going to be the US version of BBCs Sherlock) and The Carrie Diaries.

    Arrow sounds like it could be really good, I had really liked Smallville the times I saw it in the beginning so Arrow has potential to do really well.

    I've read The Selection might air midseason, I haven't read the book but if the show does premier this Fall I think I'll check it out.

    It does seem like a ton of shows are coming this fall and a majority of them are going to be flops. I'll stick to the shows I love that have been renewed and check out one or two new ones that interest me.

  2. I am just glad Fringe, vamp diaries and supernatural are back! Oh and i love Lost Girl

  3. Idk if you have seen the preview for Revolution or not, but you should watch it. The world building looks epic, I just don't know about the character development and such. But it looks really cool! Of course, I loved Alcatraz but they pulled that one. SO IDK what will happen with the new JJ Abrams.

    But like Kimba, I'm just glad they renewed Fringe for a final "Let Abrams end the show the right way" season. =)