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Sunday, January 1

Blogger Helper: Backing up your Blog

Blogger owns your content and can delete your blog at any time. Scary? I think so too, even if it’s very unlikely to happen.

Backup Option 1:

Back-up your blog by setting up a blog and import your blog.

Open up a wordpress blog and set it to private and make sure that you cannot find it by search. This is so that people don’t get your back-up blog instead of your actual one.

Then go into tools and select import. This imports all of your posts and comments. Make sure to go back and do this periodically to keep it updated with all your latest content.

I like this option the best because if anything happens I want to get my blog up and running almost instantaneously. All I’ll have to do is move my domain over and it’ll be ready to go.

Backup Option 2:

You can keep a file on your computer with your blog file simply go to Blogger> Settings > Other> Export Blog. This will give you a file you can upload to any CMS (Content Management System) program, like wordpress.

This option you have use hard drive space, upload to a blogging service, and get the blog set up which could take some time.

Save a copy of this file in your favorite cloud service (Dropbox).

Backup Option 3:

Keep both. A copy on a blog and a copy on your harddrive. It may be overkill, but you’ll be sure to have a copy of your blog.

Self-hosting vs. Not

Btw…I keep seeing people saying that if you self-host a blog you therefore own your content and cannot be deleted. This is NOT true. If you self-host you use a hosting service using their servers then they can delete your blog at any time.

Also your blog is much more apt to be compromised by people messing with the registrar.
The outrage over SOPA is making organizations that back it apt to being hacked. Which means your blog goes down with it.

Blogger has 100% up time where as all hosts have 99% or less.

There are pluses and minuses to switching to self-hosting and I encourage you to fully look into it before switching. After investigation I found self-hosting is not right for me at this time. When cloud hosting becomes more the norm I’m way more likely to switch.

The only way to own your content and have complete control over it is to own a server.

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  1. I never thought of the Wordpress blog idea! I'll definitely be doing that this next week. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. Thanks for another wonderful post. They are always so helpful and accurate.

  3. Finally someone who says how things are with self-hosting servers too.
    Btw, great idea about the backing up your blog at wordpress!

  4. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I do wish if have read this before I almost killed myself trying to switch everything over!