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Monday, November 28

Blogger Helper: Surviving the end of GFC

First I’d like to state that we (blogger users) have no end date for GFC, but Google has stopped supporting GFC and as you likely know it’s been spotty at best. I expect that Google will supply us with an alternative using G+ as they are attempting to make all services go through G+. But if you are like me you want to be preemptive and not rely on Google to come out with an alternative in the nick of time.

What is GFC?

If you think about what GFC is you may not even be all that worried. So let’s discuss that first.

What it provides your readers.

All GFC does for your readers is let them subscribe to your RSS feed (and newsletter)with one click. That’s it.

What it provides the blogger.

GFC gives you a count of RSS subscribers. This number can be inaccurate due to the various ways people can subscribe to your feed.

It also gives you the ability to send out a newsletter to your readers, but this is seldom used. I only follow one blogger that has used this service.

Are all your feed subscribers going to disappear?

Nope. Because your feed shouldn’t disappear. GFC is not your feed. It’s just a feed subscriber.
Google may very well screw something up in this process though, so I don’t guarantee that they will remain, but they should.

What about publishers?

Professional bloggers use Alexa to track blog’s importance and some publishers do as well. Your unique pageviews, pageloads from those pageviews, and time spent on blog are an important factor. For any new contacts I wish to establish I plan on sending a screen shot of my latest blogger stats.  To take a screen shot use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Print Screen (prt sc) or Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+3 and paste it into any image editor (gimp).

Surviving Without GFC:

Set up Feedburner.

This is just a re-direct of your feed with inaccurate stats of your feed usage. It’s also ran by Google, but you will have 2 feed addresses so if one screws up hopefully the other one will work.

Apply for a Postrank account.

This is supposed to be accurate stats of your feed subscribers and how many read an individual post. It’s still in beta, so I can’t give you any more information about than that.

Set Up a Statcounter:

If you read any of my past Blogger Helper posts you’ve probably heard me mention this. This is a way to track the people that visit your website. What pages did they load? Are they a recurrent visitor? Where did they come in from? How long did they stay? You can have all this information about your blog and more with Statcounter. I love it, oh, so much!

Add a easy way to subscribe to your feed.

We want to make this as easy for our readers right? Go here and set up an add to google button. This subscribes readers to your feed with just a couple of clicks.

Newsletters and Subscribe with E-mail:

So you want the ability to send newsletters? I would recommend Mail Chimp. Readers input their e-mail address and then you have the ability to send newsletters through it.

Subscribe by E-mail is an option within feedburner and is incredibly easy to set up.


I think Google might have something up it’s sleeve. An alternative to GFC incorporating something to do with G+. I have a Mission to Read brand page and a personal Rie Conley account. If you set up a brand page please input your link here and I’ll have a page here with a list of book blogger brand page so people can find them easily.


I’ll admit, I freaked when I heard the news GFC was no longer being supported by Google. Then I thought about it and I’ve decided it might be even better once it’s gone.

This is just one way of dealing with the future possible loss of GFC, take what you want and leave the rest. If you need help implementing anything just let me know and I’ll attempt to help you out.

I'm a wife, student, and a dog-lover who reads when I should be folding laundry (bane of my existance), I write (rarely as academic papers consume my life), and love getting wrapped up in fiction.


  1. Great post Rie!  I'll be sure to share it in my next weekly wrap up post!  Thanks.  :)

  2. That's the good think with leaving in Greece :p Publishers don't really send us books, so we just write for ourselves XD
    Thanks for all the info though...i started Stacounter, because i wanted stats from a place other than blogger and i will start
    the email subscription as well :)

  3. Thanks for this, I'm on Blogger so I know it's not going to affect me inmmediately but I'm going to work on building up my other social media subscribers. 

    As a link to this, there are certain blogs which have really cool icons for Twitter, Goodreads, Google+ etc, any ideas of the best places to find these icons and how to set them up? Mine are all separate down the side of my blog and it looks quite messy.

    Also, are you planning on setting something up with all the G+ pages listed (I'm assuming that's why you've collected the link up details above)? I've been trying to find pages for book blogs on Google Plus and it's not that easy, they don't show in people's own profiles so you can only get to them if they actually advertise them.

  4. Yes, there is a way to make them go in a row in the same way mine are. It's all about coding and sizing. I would recommend as a place to find social media icons. Any theme your blog may have they will likely have a set. 

    If you are having problems coding your icons just @ or email me and I'll walk you through it.

    I am going to be composing a list on the blog with all the links. I'll likely do this overnight tonight, so if you check back in the morning I'll have the what entries have been submitted. 

    Thanks for stopping by! If you need any help just let me know!

  5. I'm still a bit confused about the whole thing.  Everyone is sending all these emails asking us to re-follow in a different way.  1) if I do this, will I have blogs showing up in my reader twice? 2) Why would blogs stop updating in my reader if GFC is just a subscription mechanism? Why does it change what I see in my google reader?

    I'm sure you tried to answer this above but I still don't quite get it.

  6. If you follow blogs again yes they could show up in your feed twice. It shouldn't stop updating but google could lose a few of the feeds in the process. It shouldn't change what you see in your google reader.

    Google Reader is a feed aggregator. Meaning it allows you to read what feeds you are subscribed to. That is it's complete job. It's not the only feed aggregator, but it is the best.

  7. I have a wordpress so this doesn't affect me at all... I never used my blogger

  8. I did a little post explaining a few ways to follow my blog with a little detail as well. I actually didn't know about brand pages so I went and set one of those up. Do you know if there's a way to get your feed to auto-post to it, though? That would be useful! :)

  9. Thanks for posting this! I'm on Blogger, but I can't help but feel that GFC will suddenly stop working one day. I've been trying to find other programs to utilize, so this post is super helpful.