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Saturday, August 27

Blogger Helper (5) : Publicity Contacts

Disclaimer: As always this is information that I have learned in my blogging experience. Everyone’s blogging experience is different and you should only take what advice you want and leave the rest.

One of the most frequent questions is: “How did you get your publishing contacts for ARC’s?”

For me (and the vast majority of bloggers) this was a mixture of a ton of factors. I requested some, some got my contact information from my netgalley, some I got from them putting contact information within books I’d won. My most common way was from author contacts. Twitter is a great place to begin a conversation with authors. (Do not use twitter to request a book. Use twitter to begin relationships with authors you admire.)

When I first began requesting ARC’s (about 5 months after I’d began the blog) I put together a list of my favorite publishers and their publicity contacts that were listed on their website. Whenever I heard of a book I was dying for through Waiting on Wednesday or their catalog I would e-mail my contact or the contact on the list.

Here is this list: Publicity Contacts

It does not hold any of my personal contacts and is only those contacts you can find on their website, but is compiled into one centralized place.

I’ve already done a post on tips on contacting, but some further do’s and don’ts.

  • Request one book to start. Explain why this book from their catalog of upcoming releases is a good match for your blog.
  • Include any information you’d like them to know for them to determine whether or not to send you a book. Blog stats, klout, number of social media followers, etc.
  • Do request another title further down the line from the same publisher if you haven’t heard back. Sometimes you start trying to build these relationships too early and if you wait until you’ve built a bigger following or been blogging longer they will then accept your request.
  • Only request books after you have been blogging for awhile. Six months is a good time to start.
  • Include your address with the request.
  • At all times keep a balance between friendliness and professionalism.
  • Do send links of reviews of other books you’ve reviewed by them and send links of reviews of books you’ve received after building a relationship with them.
  • Get discouraged. I have had books arrive without notice 4 months after I sent in a request. Publicity often makes a list of people that requested that book and when the time comes for mailing of the ARC’s they’ll send it your way.
  • Don’t request the same book multiple times. Even if you have not heard back, they likely have your contact information on file.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact an author for an ARC (usually in conjunction with a interview request) they will usually forward this to their publicist.
  • Be unprofessional.

Happy blogging!

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the list of contacts! Ironically, I actually had more luck requesting books when I first started blogging than recently (I've hit the six-month mark). Could just be which books I requested...

    I've found a lot of the contacts on my own, but not the ones for Bloomsbury and Simon and Schuster. Thanks for the tips!