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Sunday, July 3

Blog Helper (4): Random Q’s

I just wanted to answer a few random q's today.

Random Q’s:

Do you have to email requesting a specific title?
Yes and no. I suppose if you just want to alert them to your presence and attempt to get on a mailing list of some sort I guess you could send them an email telling them what genre you review and such, but I’ve never done this so I can’t tell you how will it will work out. I can tell you that if I request more than one book at a time my average of being accepted is less.

I’m aware of the advice that authors don’t have many arc’s so don’t ask them. I don’t agree in the least with this advice. Many times the author will have their publicist listed in their FAQ’s (for example Veronica Roth) on their website and if not most have their direct email address. All the authors I have contacted have not had an issue forwarding an email to their publicist. For those that haven’t gotten direct emails to a publisher this is in an invaluable process that can lead to many future ARC's as well as getting mailing lists of ARC's that available.
Can you request books that have been published already?
Yes, but I have seen authors complaining about this as well. In my advice, don’t. If you can’t afford a book you would like to review borrow it from the library. If your library does not have a certain book you can almost always do an Interlibrary loan. I adore my library. Open-mouthed smile

How do you know how people are finding your blog?
I love, adore, can’t live without statcounter. Every entry to your page will have where that entry came from. This is the first thing I do anytime I set up a new blog.

But I use Bloggers own stats when mentioning my stats for others. As much as I love statcounter I simply trust google more. I know a contradiction, but statcounter gives me more detailed information about my readers.

If you would like to ask me a question, don’t hesitate to ask me via twitter or fill out this quick form.


  1. Stopping by via Crazy-For-Book's Blog Hop.  I'm following your blog.
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog this weekend so please stop by!
    Holjo @ Pedantic

  2. I love and adore you chick! Good post!! ;)

  3. This is a wonderful thing you're doing.  : )