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Tuesday, June 14

Blog Helper (2): Social Media and Ranking: Twitter and Klout

I’ll be splitting this post into two sections. The first the importance of twitter and the second how Klout works. I’ll then follow this up by listing apps that will make your life easier with both.

One of the most common questions from new bloggers is “How do you get followers?” and “How do you raise your visits?” Both of these can be answered simply by building connections or networking. The most helpful tool that I’ve found is twitter.

Top 4 Referring URL's
In the image above you can see how twitter is about 3x greater in number of referrals back to the blog. I’m not always active on twitter, but when I am the most active this difference rises quickly and it’s not primarily from link sharing, but conversations with others.

Link sharing:

Do not spam your followers, but you will want to tweet your post everyday. A simple tool for this is Twitter Feed. I have all my posts scheduled to go up at midnight sometimes weeks in advance. With this tool I don’t have to stay up to link my twitter followers. It takes my RSS feed and tweets the title of the post and it’s link.

Note: You can also set it to have the first few words of the post, but I prefer only the title.


The only rule on twitter is be kind. You are constantly hearing of people doing unprofessional, irresponsible, and rude things on twitter. Remember be respectful, be polite, and most importantly never bully. People’s entire careers have been ruined by tweets that should have never been typed.


The Story Siren has told us that Harper is going to be looking at this number in the future.

What is Klout?

“The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence.”-Klout

You can connect Klout to twitter, facebook, and will soon be able to add in linkedin. (I don’t use linkedin, nor do I suspect I will.)

My Klout Score: 53

The Klout score is based upon three main factors.

True Reach-

Not all your followers are going to be active viewers of your tweets, so this number takes in the activity done based upon your tweet and tells you how many people you are actually influencing.

“Factors measured: Followers, Mutual Follows, Friends, Total Retweets, Unique Commenters, Unique Likers, Follower/Follow Ratio, Followed Back %, @ Mention Count, List Count, List Followers Count.”-Klout

Amplification Probability-

This shows how likely is it that your tweet will be spread by another tweeter.

“Factors measured: Unique Retweeters, Unique Messages Retweeted, Likes Per Post, Comments Per Post Follower Retweet %, Unique @ Senders, Follower Mention %, Inbound Messages Per Outbound Message, Update Count.”-Klout

Network Influence-

This is based on how important your network is. Say @Aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) is following you and interacting with this number will shoot up because he is one of the most active influential tweeters. Or say a new blogger that has just begun on twitter follows you. It will only raise a little if at all. In this way building up your network by being active retweeter, @’er, and generally conversing with those around you helps not only them but yourself.

Plus twitter is like IM on steroids. There’s someone always talking about something interesting.

How it helps:

Last night I heard some people talking on twitter saying it’s not important and no one actually cares about this number. Publishers say they soon will take these into account.

I personally like Klout for my own knowledge to track how and what my current actions on twitter are being received.

It is generally sensitive. I took a 4 day weekend where I wasn’t active recently and my number dropped an point now it’s back up to where was previously.


*Follow Button on blog*- The most important feature for integrating twitter with blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cutesy button that links to your account or a simple follow button that doesn’t force your readers to leave your page to follow (like mine). I check this on every single blog I GFC follow, because even if I’m not daily interacting with your blog. I want to be interacting with you as a person which will drive me back to your blog again and again.

Tweetdeck: Recently bought by twitter. Notifies you based on your specifications. Like I only want dinged at when I’ve been @’d and desktop notifications every 45 seconds. Easily customizable and allows for multiple accounts across both twitter and facebook.

Seesmic: The only twitter app (I’ve found) to include Klout scores in the twitterfeed.

Twitterfeed: As mentioned above it updates twitter with a link to your latest post.

Friend or Follow: Who do you follow that doesn’t follow you back? Who follows you that you don’t follow back? Who is a mutual follower?

This is very important in conjunction with Klout, but the most important reason to use this app for me is that I try to always reciprocate a follow and sometimes I’ll get behind on this.

Do you have any favorite apps? What are your feelings about Klout?


  1. I asked people on twitter the other day if they knew of an app that tweeted with each new post; but didn't receive a reply. Now I can use Twittter Feed, thanks! (i'm @thenovelnook  on twitter).

  2. Love this! Very good info :) I'm going to use this on Friday Five if you don't mind.

    Mickey @

  3. Not at all! It's quite the honor and as I was looking for an explanation for what that is and found that you'd already featured me before. 


  4. ReflectionsofabookaholicJune 14, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    So does Klout only measure your influence on Twitter/Facebook or on the net overall?  What if you get your traffic from other social network sources?

  5. At this point it only monitors your influence from Twitter and Facebook, soon it will also include linkedin. It does not account for your blog or networked blogs or any other type of social networking.

    Bear in mind Klout is still new(ish) and still in beta mode, so many of more types of social media are sure to be included later on.

  6. April @ My Shelf ConfessionsJune 27, 2011 at 1:33 PM

    I thought I would leave this here since it is directly from Harper and explains more of their idea of how they are going to use it. I don't think (from their statement) that it's worth putting your Klout score in an ARC request email because they are not planning on using it to determine which bloggers gets ARCs. I will let the tweet speak for itself:


    @shelfconfession @LetsBookIt just something HarperCollins at large is starting to look into as a means for testing the success of campaigns

  7. I got an email from them today after an ARC request thanking me for adding in this detail. So ignore if you wish, but don't think everyone should discredit it.