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Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

I fell in love with the characters even more than I already was.

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Monday, February 7

Embrace the Night by Karen Chance

Cover of

April, 2008
400 pgs., Paperback
Personal Copy
Third in Cassandra Palmer Series
Adult Fiction
From Back Cover:
Recently named the world’s chief clairvoyant, Cassandra Palmer still has a thorn in her side. As long as Cassie and a certain master vampire—the sizzling-hot Mircea—are magically bound to each other, her life will never be her own …
The spell that binds them can only be broken with an incantation found in the Codex Merlini, an ancient grimoire. The Codex’s location has been lost in the present day, so Cassie will have to seek it out in the only place it can still be found—the past.
But Cassie soon realizes the Codex has been lost for a reason. The book is rumored to contain some seriously dangerous spells, and retrieving it may help Cassie to deal with Mircea, but it could also endanger the world…
When Cassie goes to fulfill the promise she made and to remove the geis she gets more than she bargained for. This is complicated by the fact that she is hunted by those who have always controlled the Pythia. She even has to go against the original Pythia. Action-packed, but low on actual character building. Hopefully in the next we’ll find out more about her core relationships. I haven’t actually read the last one, but it’s on my nightstand as we speak. It’s review will be up within the month.

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